About Quantum
about quantum Founded by a group of independent, experienced sailmakers who shared a common vision, the Quantum Sails has been dedicated to overcoming the trend towards mass-marketing and mediocrity in the sailmaking industry.
lofts Today, Quantum has more than 60 sales and service outlets throughout the world, with European headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and corporate offices in Traverse City, MI.

Employment Opportunities
employment opportunities Quantum is always looking for qualified people to become apart of the Quantum team. While experience is important, equally important are a passion and commitment to the sport, and above all, a "can do" attitude and a desire to be a part of company that is devoted to quality and innovation. With 64 lofts located around the world opportunities abound for qualified applicants. Check out the current listings!

Key Documents
key documents The Quantum site is full of information about our product, the sport of sailing, and ideas to help you improve you’re sailing and get more enjoyment out of it. In this section you will find a convenient summary of all the articles located throughout the website.