Strength, durability and performance all in one package.

A Fusion M® sail is approximately 15-20 percent lighter than an equivalent conventional panel sail, with greatly improved stretch resistance and shape retention. Every Fusion M® sail is developed using our proprietary design software which integrates 3D modeling, aerodynamic analysis, structural analysis and fiber mapping to determine optimal sail flying shape and fiber layout. Additional features of our membrane construction include:


Features and Benefits

  • Smart fiber mapping which provides more fiber in more directions for greater strength and optimal shaping.

  • A two-step lamination process using vacuum bagging, infrared heat and six to eight tons of pressure to thermo-set the adhesives. This process produces a membrane four to five times stronger than other laminates.

  • Post-cured shaping (after lamination) eliminates shrinkage and distortion, resulting in exact and repeatable shapes.

  • On-the-water validation testing by Quantum Racing, which provides essential feedback for continuous improvement in design, manufacturing and sail performance.