CW 2000

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    2000 Series

    • Description: Cross-cut sail made with only the highest quality goods. Tight weave and excellent stretch resistance for exceptional shape-holding.
    • Boat Size: 50' and under
    • Construction: Crosscut
    • Material/Fiber: Woven polyester
    • Sail Color: White
    • Strength/Weight Ratio:star
    • Ease of Trim: starstarstar
    • Control of Heel:starstar
    • Upwind Performance:starstarstar
    • UV Resistance:starstar
    • Reefing:starstar
    • Furing:starstar
    • Durability:starstarstarstarstar
    • Cost:starstarstar








Built to take on the most ambitious sailing plans.

Quantum's woven polyester furling mainsails (CW 2000) represent the ultimate evolution of the standard in this type of cruising sail construction, bringing an unmatched level of refinement and attention to detail to the basic workhorse of the cruising inventory. Durability, ease of handling and performance are equally weighted design criteria.


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Quantum's woven mainsails are made using only the highest quality, tightly woven, and most stretch resistant woven polyester available. Minimizing stretch is the key to creating a durable mainsail with exceptional shape holding. Because there is wide variation in the performance of woven polyester materials, Quantum's sailcloth is tested in-house and selected from the world's finest manufacturers. This allows Quantum to not only use the very best, but also make sure the fabric is appropriate to the application.

Sail Shape

Ultimately, shape makes the difference. Quantum uses a suite of the most sophisticated computational design tools in the hands of some of the most experienced, talented designers. Quantum's proprietary iQ Technology®, combines three dimensional shaping, computational fluid dynamics, and finite element analysis (FEA) to create custom shaping, tailored on a sail by sail basis to expected usage and boat-specific constraints including mast bend, displacement, righting moment, etc. Mainsail shape features a smooth, flat aerodynamic profile for optimum upwind performance, with an open trailing edge to reduce heeling and weather helm. The shape allows sailing into a higher range of wind conditions before reefing becomes necessary.


Quantum's woven polyester cruising mains are built to take on the most ambitious sailing plans. Modern cross-cut construction features panels joined with extra wide seams, using a combination of adhesives and multiple rows of triple-throw stitching, with additional "butterfly" reinforcements at both the inboard and outboard ends. Over-sized, tear-drop shaped radial plied patches used in all three corners and at each reef to conform to the shape of the primary loadings. Corners are glued and power pressed into position for maximum bonding and smoothness. A specially engineered batten pocket system, double luff tapes, separate reef belts, extra layering, and chafe protection are all standard features. Every aspect of construction is executed to the highest possible standards, with the Quantum Construction Manual providing more than a 1,000 pages of concise detail, so that no matter where you buy your Quantum® sail you can be assured of consistent quality.

Batten System

One full, and three mid-length battens are standard. More full-length battens can be added for additional structure and durability. Non full-length battens are 60% of the sail's girth measurement at the batten locations Multi-layered pockets with backing plates are engineered for maximum durability. The pockets are leech loading with a specially designed batten caps for easy installation and removal, batten tensioning, and no "shake-out" security.

Custom, tapered battens improve sail shape and durability. The taper and stiffness are matched to the sail design to stabilize the sail shape helping keep the draft forward and the leech exit flat as the sail loads up. A soft taper blends smoothly into the fabric at the batten inboard ends, reducing hinging and hard spots at batten tips. Battens feature rugged "E" glass construction, with a machine-milled taper.

Custom Headboard

A super-strong custom aluminum headboard, reinforced with pressed stainless steel rings and webbing, or a special stainless headboard is made for larger boats. Roach profile, head angle, and attachment system are all factored into the headboard, which is designed on a sail-by-sail basis.


The number of reefs and reef spacing is specified based on anticipated usage and boat characteristics. Spacing is not limited to the traditional 10-12.5% of luff length, but may be increased or decreased as appropriate to design criteria. Luff and clew reef hardware is custom designed to accommodate various reefing systems, including single line, separate line, simple tack hooks, or other configurations.

Luff Hardware

To ensure easy raising and lowering, and to eliminate wear and tear at the inboard end of full-length battens, various receptacles with universal joints and special slides are available. Your Quantum® consultant will discuss your options and confirm after on-board measurement.

Foot Shelf/Loose Foot

A section of fabric attached to the foot increases the depth and power in the lower third of the sail when the outhaul is eased. It is especially useful in light to moderate winds and when reaching or running.

Hand Finishing

The head, tack, clew, and reefs are hand finished using stainless steel rings, reinforced with webbing.  The clew and each leech reef include a hand-sewn leech line cleat.

Standard Features

Sails include telltales, numbers, and/or insignia, bag, custom tapered battens, cunningham, leech line, and sail ties