Season’s Over: Time to Prepare for Next Year by Wally Cross

The season may be over, but planning for next year should start now. Even if you had a great season, take the time to evaluate all your equipment so you can make good decisions this winter that will help you sail faster next summer. 

Sails are like cars and demand service. The more attention you give to your sails, the longer they will perform like new. I had a customer re-shape his main after the fifth season and win a North American Championship in years six and seven with the same sail, thanks to proper maintenance. Here are some tips for maintaining your sails in the off-season.

– Each year, take a picture at the beginning and at the end of the season to see if your sails have changed shape. Photograph them all from mid-foot, close, hauled up the rig. Email them to you sailmaker to measure. Make sure you get a copy and understand the numbers.
– Inspect your sails for any cracks in the mylar or damaged areas in the luff tape. 
– Always release the tension of any battens in either the main or jib during the winter. 
– If possible, roll your sails for the off-season to help remove wrinkles.
– Inspect your rope to see if there is any wear in block areas.

A couple other tips: Your boat should have one very low stretch jib, main, and spinnaker halyard.  The spinnaker halyard should be stripped for less windage while sailing upwind. Shackles are good for halyards and sheets on all sails.

After inspecting your sails, take the time to get your instruments working for next year. For the best results,

– List any problems and talk to your rep for solutions (ask questions about calibration so you become the expert).
– Sail with true values: TWD, TWA, TWS, BS, heading.
– Get your speed sensor on centerline.

Finally, make sure to inspect your boat. Take a good look at the bottom and look for easy ways to reduce drag. Make sure through-hull fittings are flush. Smooth up around the rudder and fit flush to the hull. Fair in shaft to strut with zinc cone. Make the bottom perfect now so you can get right to sailing and practice in the spring.

After you’ve finished with your sails and boat, you can continue your off-season prep work by staying in touch with your crew. For example, debrief now. Gather the crew for a Saturday game and talk at half time about the past summer’s sailing.

– List the races sailed and results.
– Break each race down to legs and performance.
– Talk about what worked and what did not.
– Look at what influenced the results: speed or decisions.

Once you’ve evaluated the past, focus on the future. Now is a good time to lay the groundwork for sailing procedures you’d like to adapt in the coming year, for example:

– Provide wet notebooks to your crew to use during racing. Have meetings after each race to review crew notes.

– Base sail adjustments from speed results; use a hand-bearing compass to measure.
– Sail with good information: use polars when sailing VMC and targets when sailing VMG.
– Have a chart to determine which sail to use based on wind speed and angle.
– Make sure you have the tools you need for routing during a long race.
– Mark everything that moves on the boat and make sure you can measure it.

The off-season is a great time to strategize and plan for next season. My recommendation is to focus on three teams with clearly defined roles and tasks.

Speed team

*Helm: target speed, heel angle, telltales.
*Main: target speed, wind speed, rig tune.
*Jig/Spin: target speed and angle, wind speed, performance.
*Tactician: relative performance, mode based on position.
*Rail: wind and wave calls.
*Off Trimmer: relatives.

Decision Team

*Navigator: information.
*Rail: other boats.
*Rail: water observation.
*Tactician: suggestion.
*Helm: decide and execute.

Boat Handling

*Bow/Mast/Pit: all on same page.
*Tactician: two steps ahead.
*Trimmers: adjust.
*Rail: assist.
*Team: use weight together to alter course.
*Helm: smooth turns.

These three independent teams can work together by talking regularly. Communication can overlap, but If communication is clear, all the teams and the helmsman will know what is happening without looking. Your goal should be to see a complete picture of the race in your head.

Regular meetings during the off-season are not only good for planning, but also team-building. A team that enjoys their time together and believes in each other will outperform a potentially more-talented team every day.

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Quantum 2014 J/70 Winter Series at Davis Island Yacht Club

Quantum 2014 J/70 Winter Series at Davis Island Yacht Club

Event No. 1: December 13-14, 2014

Please Join Us for these Special Events

Friday: Pre-Regatta Clinic and Dock Talk

If you are arriving early, we invite you to join Quantum’s Allan Terhune and Kristen Berry from J/World for a pre-regatta clinic on Friday, December 12 starting at 1 p.m. The clinic will include practice starts and racing, with dock talk to follow at roughly 4-4:30 p.m.

Friday morning Allan Terhune, George Szabo, and Marty Kullman will also be available for rig tuning and individual conversations (contact info below).

Friday evening: Local Knowledge Talk with Jeff Linton

No one knows the local sailing conditions like 2007 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Jeff Linton, a member of Davis Island Yacht Club. Please join us Friday night immediately following the skippers' meeting for a weather talk and insider’s view of what to expect for weekend racing.

Saturday/Sunday: Racing Debriefs

Immediately following Saturday’s racing, Quantum’s Allan Terhune will do a short recap and debrief for all racers shoreside. Following the event, a weekend recap and photos will be distributed to all racers.

Regatta Replay and Evaluation

Gain insights into the decisions made on the racecourse by downloading and using the free raceQs app. Push one button and raceQs will record everything you need to view, edit, share, and learn from your 3D race replay.

The racing will be broadcast live shoreside and available for replay, so be part of the action by downloading the free app here:

Quantum One Design and J/70 Contacts

Allan Terhune, Jr.

M: 732-644-1051

Marty Kullman

M: 727-560-0164

George Szabo

M: 619-226-2422


Quantum J/70 Class Sails 

Davis Island Yacht Club

Yacht Scoring Page for Quantum J/70 Winter Series

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Quantum Welcomes New Affiliate, Quantum Cleveland

Quantum Sail Design Group is pleased to introduce its newest affiliate loft, Quantum Cleveland, owned by the Ruhlman Family and managed by Nick Turney.

“Over the years, we’ve been impressed with Quantum’s commitment to the sport of sailing,” Rob Ruhlman said. “Quantum’s business strategy aligns very well with ours in that they are investing in building their independent dealer network.” “I think we are a great fit for each other as we look to expand our business and provide world class products and service to a broad range of customers.”

Quantum President Ed Reynolds shares in the Ruhlman’s excitement and believes Quantum Cleveland will strengthen Quantum’s presence throughout the Midwest. “Nick and team bring a high level of expertise and commitment to the amazing service that Quantum prides itself on delivering. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Quantum Cleveland to our network.”

Nick Turney will also be part of the Quantum One Design team, focusing on the Lightning, Thistle, Tartan Ten, Interlake, J111, J22, J24 and J70 classes.

“We are excited to have Nick join us on the Quantum One Design Team,” said Allan Terhune, Director of Quantum One Design. “His passion and knowledge for one design sailing is contagious and is a perfect fit for our team. He brings strong technical knowledge and support that will further enhance Quantum’s ability to service its customers to the highest level.”

Turney holds several titles including 2014 J24 World and National Champion, as well as top honors in the Tartan and Thistle classes, and is a recipient of the George Fisher Sportsmanship Award. He is a member of several yacht clubs including North Cape Yacht Club, Toledo, and Lakeside Yacht Club, Cleveland, as well as various one design class organizations.

The Ruhlman family also owns Sailing, Inc., located on the south shore of Lake Erie, which offers a J Boat Dealership, yacht storage, full service boat repair, high performance modifications and rigging services. Quantum Cleveland is a full-service loft located within the Sailing Inc. building, 5401 N. Marginal Road, Cleveland.

Other members of the Quantum Cleveland Team include: Hilary DiCenzi, Office Administrator, Ryan James, Sail Service, and Doug Moose, Operation Manager/Sailing, Inc.

For more information, contact:
Nick Turney, Manager
Quantum Cleveland
5401 N. Marginal Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44114

Quantum Media Contact:
Gera Witte

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