Quantum Sails Take Top Spot in 2.4m at Leukemia Cup

4.2m-rsAfter three days of perfect sailing conditions, America’s Cup veteran Dee Smith won his first 2.4m regatta at the Leukemia Cup in Punta Gorda, Florida.

The 2.4m class held a two-day clinic in Port Charlotte before the one-day Leukemia Cup on March 14 at the Isle Yacht Club. Organized by Betsey Alison and the U.S. Paralympic team, the clinic featured Bill Shore coaching on and off the water. Local 2.4 sailor Dennis Peck ran the race course while Mark Bryant assisted the fleet on the water.

The 15-boat fleet included several notable sailors, including America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean racing veteran Dee Smith. Dan Evans, Charles Rosenfield, and Tim Ripley, the top three finishers at last year’s US Disabled Championships, were also there. Boat builder Tony Pocklington organized the event and competed.

Conditions over the three days were perfect sailing conditions. Wind speeds ranged from moderately light to moderately heavy with a light chop and both clocking and oscillating breezes.

Smith and Pocklington – both using Quantum® sails – set the initial pace for the regatta, seeming to battle it out for first and second places. Smith seemed to grow stronger throughout the day, winning four of the five races. Pocklington started strong, but ripped his primary sail in a collision on practice day and had to use his back-up main. Though he started with two second place finishes and a third place finish, he had to withdraw from the last two races. Quantum sails continued to sail strong though, leading Mark Fleckenstein and Don Walton to fourth and fifth places overall. Fleckenstein has been sailing 2.4ms for less than a year, and this was Smith’s first 2.4m regatta.

Congratulations to everyone on a great event!

Leukemia Cup – 2.4m Class
1 – Dee Smith
4 – Mark Fleckenstein
5 – Don Walton

For more results from the Leukemia Cup at the Isles Yacht Club, click here

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Quantum Sails Take Top Melges 20 Spots in Miami and Monaco

The Melges 20 class wrapped up its winter events this month with Quantum® sails on the podium in the US and Europe.

At the Pirogovo Cup in Monaco March 6-8, Quantum sails finished on top of the podium with Guido Miani and his MONACO RACING FLEET TEAM taking the win. Quantum dominated the top 10, claiming 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th places. Maxim Logutenko from Quantum Russia and Vittorio d’Alberta from Quantum Italy were both on hand offering class support throughout the event.

At the Melges Rocks Regatta, March 12-14 at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club in Miami, Florida, Quantum sails raced well in the 10-18 knot winds over three days. Quantum teams finished 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 10th for the regatta.

The Melges Rocks Regatta was the third of the 3-regatta Audi Melges 20 Miami Winter Circuit, which was dominated by Quantum sails. Marc Hollerbach and Jonathan McKee won the overall series on Fu, with Michael Kiss on Bacio in second, and Cesar Gomes Neto and Quantum’s John Bowden on Portobello in third. Brian Hill on Atlas won the overall Corinthian Winter Circuit. Terry Hutchinson, John Bowden, and Scott Nixon were at all three events giving on- and off-water support.

Quantum’s top teams run with stock Quantum class mains, jibs, and spinnakers. Most teams prefer the AIRX 650 spinnaker for 10+ knots and Dynakote .75 for less than 10 knots and light/choppy conditions. Heavy main battens are available as an accessory. The stiffer battens help flatten out the mainsail in 14+ TWS, especially in the head. Many Quantum locations have these sails and accessories on the shelf, making these champion sails available to any sailor.

Congratulations to everyone on a great series!

Melges Rocks Regatta
2 – Cesar Gomes Neto, Portobello
4 – Alessandro Rombelli, Stig
6 – Marc Hollerbach, Fu
7 – Wes Whitmyer, Jr., Slingshot
9 – Daniel Theilman, Kuai
10 – Brian Hill, Atlas

For full results from the Melges Rocks Regatta, click here

Audi Melges 20 Miami Winter Series
1 – Marc Hollerbach, Fu
2 – Michael Kiss, Bacio
3 – Cesar Gomes Neto, Portobello

Audi Melges 20 Miami Winter Series – Corinthian
1 – Brian Hill, Atlas

For final results from the Audie Melges 20 Miami Winter Series, click here.

The next big events this year are the Audi Tron Sailing Series Event #1 in Loano, Italy (April 11-12) and US Nationals at Charleston Race Week, co-sponsored by Quantum Sail Design Group (April 17-19). We’ll have a sales and service loft on-site at Nationals to support all of our customers. See you there!

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Quantum Sails Announces New Vice President for Engineering & Design

Robert Ranzenbach, Ph.D. has joined Quantum Sail Design Group as Vice President of Engineering and Design where he is responsible for planning and coordinating new product development as well as managing the company’s research, development and design teams. He reports to Quantum President Ed Reynolds.

Dr. Ranzenbach is an aerodynamic engineer with over 30 years of programmatic, managerial, and technical experience spanning a broad array of design issues related to sailing and motor yachts, conventional and high speed naval vessels, automobiles, airplanes, underwater bodies, and dynamically loaded flexible membrane structures.

He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Naval Architecture from Webb Institute and earned Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Quantum President Ed Reynolds says Dr. Ranzenbach is uniquely qualified to lead Quantum’s innovation strategy. “As an avid sailor, aerodynamic engineer, and consultant to the sailing industry, Robert understands sailing performance. As a highly experienced technology development leader who has worked in other sectors, he brings a fresh perspective to planning, developing and executing innovative solutions.” Adds Reynolds, “Robert’s expertise spans the top of the mast to the bottom of the keel. He will help propel Quantum to the forefront of sail technology and development. We’re delighted to have him on board.”

Most recently, Dr. Ranzenbach applied his expertise to the positions of Live Fire Test and Evaluation Manager and Technology Development Program Manager for U.S. Navy programs such as the Littoral Combat Ship and the Mobile Landing Platform. Prior, Dr. Ranzenbach was Research & Development Director at Donald L. Blount & Associates where he planned, developed, and executed comprehensive computational and experimental programs, risk mitigation efforts, and new technologies focused on the advancement of high-speed yachts and the development of supercavitating munitions.

At the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel (GLMWT) at the University of Maryland, Dr. Ranzenbach served as Manager of Research & Business Development where he was responsible for the development of the first experimental off wind sail evaluation capability in the U.S. and studied the aerodynamic performance of off wind sails for the Whitbread/Volvo, America's Cup, and other record breaking monohulls.

“For the last 20 years, I have been working at the forefront of the connection between aerodynamics and hydrodynamics,” says Dr. Ranzenbach. “I look forward to applying this expertise to the development of new sailing solutions as well as looking for efficiencies and economies to be gained through engineering and production methods.”

As a consulting engineer, Dr. Ranzenbach served as Technical Director for Quantum Sails from 1999 through 2005, developing, planning, and supervising the implementation of Quantum's technology research and development program in areas such as the design geometry software, experimental and computational fluid dynamics, VPP integration, off wind flying shape determination, aero-structural coupling, and improved materials and construction techniques.

Dr. Ranzenbach is an avid sailor. He enjoys inshore racing and as navigator has achieved a number of podium finishes in distance racing classics such as Newport-Bermuda, Annapolis-Newport, Chicago-Mackinac, and Marblehead-Halifax.

He has made extensive contributions to the science of handicapping through a number of sail related projects and has published over 40 technical papers and articles. Dr. Ranzenbach presently serves on the Editorial Review Board for the SNAME Journal of Sailboat Technology and is an Advisory Board Member of the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation.

Contact Information
Robert Ranzenbach, Ph.D
Quantum Annapolis
T: (410) 268-1161


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