Quantum Key West 2015 Results

Congratulations to J/70 team Calvi Network, a Quantum Italy customer and winner of the Boat of the Week honors at Quantum Key West 2015! Carlo Alberini's team also won the series. It was a great week for Quantum customers overall taking 14 podium finishes in 9 divisions and 3 boat of the day honors. 

Quantum Results at Key West Race Week 2015

1st – Bella Mente, MiniMaxi, Hap Fauth

2nd – Otra Vez, William Coates, Ker 43 Custom

Melges 32
3rd – Delta, Dalton Devos

Swan 42 Subclass (IRC 2)
1st – Impetuous, Paul Zabetakis
2nd – Vitesse, Jon Halbert

Melges 24
3rd – Zingara, Richard Reid
4th – Mojo, Steve Rhyne
5th – Party Girl, Jens Altern Wathne

1st – Calvi Network*, Carlo Alberini
3rd Corinthian – B Squared, Brian Elliott

1st – Touch2Play, Rob & Sandy Butler
2nd – Deviation, Iris Vogel
4th – Easy Eights, Joe/Jeff Pawlowski

1st – My Sharona, George Gamble
2nd – Spaceman Spiff, Rob Ruhlman
3rd – Utah, Bradley Faber
4th – Lake Effect, Robert Hesse

3rd- Wired, J/80, Henry DeGroot
4th- VAr, VAr37, Martin van Breem

* Upwind Sails

Boat of the Week/Day Winners 
Quantum Sails Boat of the Week: Calvi Network J/70, Carlo Alberini

Industry Partners Boat of the Day: Utah J/11, Bradley Faber

Mount Gay Rum Boat of the Day: Otra Vez, Ker 43, Bill Coates

Lewmar Boat of the Day: Party Girl, Melges 24, Jens Altern Wathne

Full results here: http://bit.ly/1J7v0DV

Photos by Tim Wilkes: http://bit.ly/1z3bneP


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Tuesday Highlights: Quantum Key West 2015

Tuesday at Quantum Key West 2015 brought dicey conditions that forced principal race officers to make numerous tough decisions. There were some delays, a few false starts and even one abandonment, but by the time the day was over all three divisions had completed two races in shifty winds that ranged from 5 to 7 knots.

Quantum Customer Highlights
Quantum-powered Party Girl, sailed by Jens Altern Wathne of Norway, won the day in Melges 24 class with a fifth and a second – earning the Lewmar Boat of the Day Award. Jorgen Altern Wathne is calling tactics for his brother.

In the Melges 32 class, where father and son Doug and Dalton Devos are battling it out for bragging rights in Volpe and Delta, the teams are currently separated by just one point.

Minneapolis skipper Hap Fauth steered Bella Mente to victory in both races and now leads IRC 1 by four points over fellow 72-foot mini maxi Shockwave. “It was a very tricky day, but our crew was very strong and managed to find the right gears,” Fauth said. “We got great starts and just managed to keep the boat moving.” Quantum’s Terry Hutchinson is calling tactics for Bella Mente, which is doing its first regatta with Quantum sails.

There is a new leader in the J/111 class after Florida skipper George Gamble (Pensacola) posted a pair of bullets on Tuesday. Quantum’s Scott Nixon is calling tactics for Gamble on My Sharona, which holds a four-point lead over Spaceman Spiff owned by Rob Ruhlman of Cleveland, Ohio. Said Gamble, “We got great starts and did not miss a wind shift all day. The racing is amazingly tight. We won today’s second race by about a boat length.

Sailing a tight race in the J/88 class are Quantum-powered Deviation in first place and Touch2Play Racing in second. Iris Vogel’s Deviation posted two bullets on Monday, while Rob and Sandy Butler finished first in both races on Tuesday. 








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Quantum Key West: It’s All Good

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
By George Szabo

George Szabo is at Quantum Key West Race Week sailing on Simply Irresistible, a J/70 owned by Glenn Gault of League City, Texas.

As I sat down to write about this event, I had to ask myself what makes Key West so interesting? The sailing? The rooster outside that wakes me up before 6am each day? (No, I want to kill that bird.) The colorful locals? The one-man band at every bar/grill? The truth is, it’s all fun.

The real puzzler this week has been trying to figure out why, despite using the same key for my bike lock, my bike has changed from a small, girl’s frame to a large bike frame AND back again to the same small girl’s bike frame. Yes, using the same lock key everytime!

So far, we have enjoyed some fantastic Cuban food, and the Quantum owners’s party at an art gallery (my boat owner was fearful of the location because he was afraid how much art his wife would want to buy). The best part though, has to be the chance meeting of friends  while walking down the dock/street/tent/bar/etc. I’ve bumped into friends from home and around the world; catching up quickly with each one has been a blast.

As for the sailing, today (Tuesday) was a bit of a light-air washing machine with some rain thrown in for good measure. With over 50 boats on the J/70 course, we are truly excited to have gone from the one hitting other boats to the one being hit. It’s much easier on the wallet at the end of the day when you don’t have to pony up for beer for the boat you bumped.

Actually, we’ve found some great speed just footing upwind. We might be lower than the fleet at times, and might need to tack back into a better lane, but the down angle has been paying dividends and we expect to continue to use its advantages. Downhill, we find the same things to be fast – weight low, and pumping on waves.

Ed Adams has been giving AMAZING weather debriefs in the morning at the Quantum tent. In the evening, Adams has been pairing up with Ed Baird to conduct fascinating round table discussions, sharing observations, tips, and  quizzing the top sailors on just how they do it. What a hoot!

George Szabo
Quantum San Diego



Tuesday Photo Gallery by Tim Wilkes




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